NSW Waratah Fixed Rate Bonds (Waratah Bonds)

Waratah Bonds are closed to new investments.

Australian Government Visa Applicants should refer to the FAQs provided under Designated Investments for Visa Applicants.

Information for Existing Investors

When will I receive my interest payments?

Interest is paid semi-annually on 1 March and 1 September each year.

How will my interest be paid?

Interest will be paid by direct credit into your nominated account with a financial institution operating in Australia.

Can I sell my bonds before the maturity date?

Although the intention is that you hold your investment until maturity, we do understand that circumstances can change. On request and on a monthly basis, we will offer to buy back your NSW Waratah Bonds at any time between the date of the first interest payment and the maturity date.

If you wish to sell your bond before maturity, please contact the Registry.

Can I transfer my Waratah Bonds to another person?

Yes, you can transfer your Waratah Bond to another party after the date of the first interest payment, provided the transferee is an Australian tax resident over the age of 18 years. Please contact the Registry for more details.

What happens on maturity of my Waratah Bonds?

On maturity, the principal and remaining interest is paid automatically to your nominated account.

Are there fees, charges or stamp duty?

No up-front or ongoing fees are payable to TCorp by investors in Waratah Bonds.

No Australian stamp duty is payable on the issue of Waratah Bonds or on any off-market transfer of  Waratah Bonds.

What should I do if my details change?

You must advise the Registry immediately of any change in details that may affect your NSW Waratah Bond holding. The Registry will amend its records upon receipt of satisfactory evidence substantiating the change.

You must advise the Registry in writing if you change your address or account details for payments – see Change of Details form. To ensure your interest payments and/or principal repayment is/are directed to your new account and/or any notifications directed to your new address, this completed form must be received by the Registry not less than seven calendar days prior to the date of your next payment.

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